South East Oxfordshire PPG Locality Forum

In Oxfordshire, six PPG Locality Forums have been set up as voluntary non-statutory groups, each with an elected Chair in accordance with the Forum’s terms of reference, to bring the patient voice into commissioning decisions. In South East Oxfordshire, the South East PPG Locality Forum (SELF) is made up of representatives from Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) that are aligned to GP practices across the locality.

The role of SELF

The aims of SELF includes:

  1. To facilitate the communications and consultation processes between: OCCG, GPs in South East Locality and South East Locality patients
  2. To act as a Forum for the discussion of ideas promoted by PPGs and to embed patients’ views into OCCG decision making
  3. Through the mechanisms above, SELF aims to improve the understanding of patients’ needs at all levels and to ensure there is a formal route to improve patients’ active involvement in decision making about health services and resource allocation within Oxfordshire
  4. To act as a Forum for PPGs to exchange ideas and encourage best practice.

The Chair of SELF is John Reid and he is supported by the Vice Chair, Peter Woolsey.

SELF meet every three months and these meetings are attended by representatives of OCCG, HealthWatch and the PPGs for Benson, Goring and Woodcote, Henley Bell Surgery, Sonning Common, Thame Rycote Surgery, Wallingford, and Watlington and Chalgrove. Patients from the remaining three surgeries – Wheatley, Nettlebed and Henley Hart would be most welcome.

If you live in South East Oxfordshire and would like to get involved with the South East Oxfordshire Locality Forum (SELF), please contact  or email John Reid

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