Oxford City PPG Locality Forum

In Oxfordshire, six PPG Locality Forums have been set up as voluntary non-statutory groups, each with an elected Chair in accordance with the Forum’s terms of reference, to bring the patient voice into commissioning decisions.

Oxford City Locality PPG Forum meetings are held approximately every three months, providing an opportunity for matters of interest raised by PPG representatives to be discussed and questions/comments to be passed to the City Locality GP meetings or to the wider OCCG. The views, concerns, experiences and ideas of patients inform and influence the commissioning and redesign of services by:

  • working collaboratively to achieve an Oxfordshire wide approach
  • advising OCCG at the planning stage on how best to engage public input
  • identifying patients/service users for taking part in specific projects
  • being the eyes and ears of patients
  • acting as a critical friend to OCCG
  • sharing effective intelligence with each other on services commissioned
  • acting as a channel of information to and from the public providing opportunities for debate where appropriate
  • helping to keep patients informed.


If you live in Oxford and would like to get involved with Oxford City PPG Locality Forum, please contact  Emma.Teasdale@healthwatchoxfordshire.co.uk 

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