Barton Healthy New Town

OCCG's bid for Barton Healthy New Town in March 2016 was successful. The overall redevelopment plans for the Barton area and community can be seen in this presentation.  

As an NHS Healthy New Town, Barton Park will be able to add value through providing a controlled environment to monitor how the built environment can impact health and wellbeing. This will offer useful learnings and can be used as a design principle for future Healthy New Towns. There are also opportunities to improve the health care delivery for the current Barton community which is considered to be an area of relative social and economic deprivation when compared to the rest of Oxfordshire. The scheme already provides for the redevelopment of the existing GP Bury Knowle surgery but further there is scope for further innovation on how health care technology and partnership with the John Radcliffe University could improve health care provision in the area.