Primary Care

GPs in Bicester have been working together to find ways to meet the pressures facing primary care in the town.

These pressures include:

  • a growing population in Bicester which is expected to rise by more than 20,000 over the next decade due to more housing
  • increasing demand on already stretched services and facilities at GP practices as patient numbers continue to grow

To ensure GP services in Bicester can continue to deliver good quality patient care, proposals have been put forward by the three GP practices in Bicester (Alchester Medical Group, Montgomery House Surgery and the Bicester Health Centre). They have been working closely with Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group and the district and town councils to create a more sustainable vision for primary care in the town.

To find out how the practices plan to manage the challenges facing them you can watch three videos made by each GP practice in Bicester. See the videos here:

Alchester Medical Group

Montgomery House Surgery

Bicester Health Centre