We recognise the vital role of care provided by family and friends and aim to work in partnership with carers to help support them in their caring roles.

Are You A Carer?

If you look after someone with a physical or mental illness or disability, a learning disability, or frailty, who needs support to live at home, whether or not that person is:

  • Young or an older person
  • A relative, partner, child or friend
  • Living with you or not
  • In need of personal care, supervision or emotional support

If your answer is yes then you are a carer.

This does not apply if you provide care as part of your paid employment or on behalf of a voluntary organisation. It is important to let your GP know if you are a carer so that your health needs as a carer can be taken into account.

Oxfordshire's Commitment to Carers

Oxfordshire's Commitment to Carers was officially launched during Carer Week 2018 following more than two years of partnership working between carers and health and social care organisation in the country.  

Organisations which have signed up to the Commitment include:

  • Oxfordshire University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust
  • Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Oxfordshire County Council

together with Action for Carers Oxfordshire including Carers Oxfordshire and Oxfordshire Young Carers Service.

By signing up to the Commitment, we are declaring that we will recognise, value, support and listen to carers.

Caring For Carers

If you are a Carer and would like to talk to a Carer Adviser, who will be able to give you specialist support please ask at your GP practice or your Health Care Professional who can refer you directly to get support.

If you are looking for more general advice and support maybe wanting help with a carers assessment or would like to meet with other carers, then please visit Carers Oxfordshire

Carers Needs Assessment

You can complete a Carers Assessment.  For further information on other services available to you visit Careers Oxfordshire

If the person you care for is not receiving any community care services, they may benefit from having their own assessment to discuss their needs, find out what help may be available and if they may be eligible for help.

Carers Supporting An Adult With Serious Mental Illness

If you are helping to support an adult with serious mental illness who lives in Oxfordshire, Rethink Carer Support project can offer you support and advice:

Rethink Carer Support, Manzil Way Resource Centre, Manzil Way, Cowley, OX4 1GH

Tel: 01865 904499 or email: 

Having a Voice

Carers can often feel like they are unheard, Voices of Experience can give you a platform to be a part of making changes small and large to the issues that affect carers in Oxfordshire.  Voices of Experience is an independent voice of carers in Oxfordshire.  Carers and former carers are working together to have their say, promote carers' interests and ensure their views are heard and acted upon.  

Carers Voice Telephone:  07827 235401

Oxfordshire Parent Carers Forum

supporting the families of Disabled children and children with Special Educational Needs.  Providing days out and training, information and an opportunity top focus on issues that affect them in Oxfordshire.

Telephone: 01235 849470 or 07557 038277

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