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As well as helping you access the right health services when you need them, we also want to help you to take greater care of your own health so that you, your family and your local community can live longer, healthier lives.

The NHS in Oxfordshire offers a variety of treatment and advice options, from pharmacies to hospitals, to make sure you get the best health care. This section provides useful information on services across Oxfordshire; when to use them; as well as advice on common health conditions such as flu, diabetes and information to support Carers.

Your Child’s Health

Having an ill child or dealing with a minor injury can be daunting, but parents are often in the best position to help their child get better quickly.  Understanding more about common childhood injuries or illnesses can help you decide what to do. For information on managing your child’s health and choosing the most appropriate local NHS service, please download the booklet: Managing your child's health

Are you new to Oxford?

OCCG welcomes new patients to Oxfordshire. A leaflet called Your Health, The National Health Service (NHS) is available for new patients to help you understand local health services and when to use them. This leaflet encourages you to register with a local doctor (also known as a GP) as soon as possible, to ensure you can easily get medical help whenever you might need it in the future as well providing information on how to register with a dentist or optician.

If you would like to receive a paper copy of the ‘Your Health, the National Health Service’ leaflet please email: and request a leaflet in your language. This leaflet is also available in other languages in the downloads section below.


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