Primary Care Services

This section includes all contract documentation and guidance relevant to General Medical Services, Personal Medical Services and Alternative Provider Medical Services.  These services are nationally negotiated but are managed under delegated commissioning arrangements from NHS England since April 2016.

Locally Commissioned GP Services includes contract documentation, service specifications, templates and guidance relating to primary care services we commission.  These services are intended to meet local health needs and to enable patients to access services at their GP practice, rather than having to go to hospital.

There are a number of Primary Care Locally Commissioned Services that incentivise quality improvement and efficient use of resources and also encourage practices to be more involved in commissioning.  Details of the Primary Care Local Investment Scheme for 2019 / 2020 are included in this section (the 2018 / 2019 scheme and supporting documentation are also referenced here).

OCCG also commissions the Local Investment Scheme (LIS) for Oxfordshire (please see related downloads)

OCCG commissions a range of interpreting services for speakers of foreign languages and British sign language for deaf patients.  These can be access via a single telephone number and all practices are able to book interpreters for consultations with GPs, nurses or other members of the practice team.  Information about the interpreting service can be found under Interpreting Services Guidance for Practices.