Guidance for GPs


By accessing the Oxfordshire Care Summary, you agree to abide by the requirements defined in the terms and conditions of user.  Below, you can access key information regarding your professional responsibilities and the consent model that the Oxfordshire Care Summary follows:

Click here to access a printer friendly version of a General Overview of the Oxfordshire Care Summary, including governance items.

Excluded Read Codes

It is important to note that certain read codes are excluded from the OCS.

See the guidance below for more information, including a full list of the excluded codes.

Applying for Access to OCS

General Practitioners can request access to the Oxfordshire Care Summary by completing an online form. If the approver/authoriser fields are blank then please contact for us to rectify. Below are some user guides demonstrating how to sign up as a user, as well as how approvers and authorisers can approve new users:

User Guidance

Click here for more information on the Proactive Care Plan view

Uploading Documents to the OCS

It is possible to upload documents to view in the OCS. This will be of use to GPs completing proactive care plans.

It may also be of use to other services, but you should check that this is part of your agreed clinical processes before you use it


Please direct any queries regarding the OCS and the online application process to: