Health Information Exchange (HIE)

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Current Issues 17/07/2020:

  • HIE downtime – Tuesday 21 July (8am to 9am) The Clinical Assurance Group in Oxfordshire has approved urgent changes to the HIE system due to enhancements and changes to the service. For more information contact:

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What is it?

Health Information Exchange (HIE) is a secure tool that will give clinicians a view of their individual patient's latest record from Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (OUHFT), together with EMIS held data.

It is designed to support direct patient care. For example, it may assist with hospital discharges as clinicians will have direct access to results from the acute hospitals.

Only primary care and OUHFT have access and share data within it.

The tool itself does not hold any data. It is a viewing tool.

Why now and at such a speed?

Access to a more comprehensive care record will help patient care during this challenging coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.  Although of course, the tool will continue beyond that time and be developed further. 


These sessions are open to all users in the practice.

As part of the training, frequently asked questions will be identified and associated documents will be available at the bottom of this page.

We have run 12 webinars so far on Microsoft Teams but are happy to do more. Please let us know what the best times for you would be by emailing  The slides are available to download at the bottom of this page and we hope to publish a recorded version of the webinar.

Once we are up and running, what help do we get from where?

ll relevant documentation and information will be available from this page

Known Issues:

Thank you all for helping us track these problems and finding solutions

Resolved Issues:

28/05/2020 - when clicking on the HIE button in EMIS, The message "Please wait, Page is loading..." appears, and many minutes later, sometimes the error message "504 Gateway Time-out.  The server didn’t respond in time".  This was a county-wide problem, and we believe it has been fixed.

15/05/2020 Some OUH documents were not showing up in the Documents section of HIE such as Discharge Summaries.  We believe this has been fixed

12/05/2020 HIE downtime took place 12:30-1:30pm for essential maintenance

20/04/2020 All practices were getting error messages such as "Unable to process your request, please contact your system administrator" or "This patient has not received care from partner organisations within the time period that the health information exchange has been available".  We looked into this with EMIS and Cerner, found the problem and believe it has now been fixed.

20/04/2020 Some practices who had activated HIE correctly couldn't see the Cerner Portal "contextual link" in EMIS.  There are additional instructions which EMIS have supplied describing how to activate this link - please see the downloadable PDF below.  We believe this has now been fixed for all practices

10/04/2020 Some emails were not sending from our team mailbox.  We believe all emails are being received to our feedback email inbox, but our responses were not always sending correctly in w/c 6th April 2020.

10/04/2020 Healthcare Computing weren't used to receiving support calls.  As the HIE was so new, HCC front line staff were just getting used to receiving enquiries - we believe they are now familiar with the support issues

09/04/2020 Not all practices could see the "Oxfordshire Care Record" Data Sharing Agreement in EMIS.  We believe this is now resolved - please check the Data Sharing Agreements page in EMIS again and it should now be available.