Oxfordshire Shared Care Record

Health Information Exchange (HIE)

Health Information Exchange (HIE) is a secure tool that will give clinicians a joined-up view of their individual patient's latest health record from organisations across Oxfordshire providing health and care services.

HIE is designed to support direct patient care.  For example, it may assist with hospital discharges as clinicians will have direct access to results from the acute hospitals.

Currently, HIE contains information from Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (OUHFT) and Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust’s (OHFT) Community, Mental Health & Urgent Care systems, together with EMIS held data.

HIE will be expanded to include information from other organisations within Oxfordshire, including Oxfordshire County Council and SCAS.  In addition, there are plans being finalised to include data from organisations outside Oxfordshire, where Oxfordshire patients may be treated or important information may be held, such as the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust (RBHFT) and Thames Valley and Surrey Local Health and Care Record system (TVS LHCR).  We will keep you updated as the system improves the richness and quality of data it holds.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs: updated April 2022)

Why can we see our own data?

HIE provides a holistic view of the patient information, by default.  If you want to see only data from other parties e.g. the hospital, click 'Sources' and untick your own data - you will need to disable the Source which has your organisation name.

Can the hospital see our records?

Yes!  They can see most of the data from the record, but not consultation free text or documents. 

How do I get the data from the HIE into EMIS, such as coded blood test results?

HIE is only a viewing platform, it cannot export data.

When will we get other sources of data in the HIE view?

RBHFT is the next data source to be added, it is scheduled to have this available by Autumn 2022.  Details of other data sources to be added will be made available when plans are further developed.

How can we block access to a patient record for example in a safeguarding case where we know someone has access to the HIE who could look up sensitive information e.g. a member of staff?

To block the access, use the Sharing button in EMIS and opt the patient out of Local Record Sharing.  We suggest you confirm you have succeeded by loading the HIE from the patient record and checking that the EMIS data are not visible.

Access to an individual record in HIE cannot be restricted in the same way, so in this case sharing to HIE for that patient must be blocked from EMIS.

We are reviewing the Access Control and Audit Policy framework, but in the meantime, please ask the patient’s Responsible Medical Officer (RMO - the GP if the patient is not currently an inpatient) to consider the benefits of blocking the HIE record against the potential harm of it not being available to someone who needs it. 

How do I record patients’ consent preferences within EMIS (‘opt in and out’)?

The EMIS web portal will provide you with the latest information and can be found using the link: EMIS Web - Data sharing in Care Record (emisnow.com)