Phase 4 - Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) now live in Oxfordshire


Following a successful pilot, we can now announce that we are able to activate EPS Phase 4 for any GP practices who would like to utilise the product during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

 What is EPS Phase 4?

EPS Phase 4 is the point at which electronic prescriptions become the default for prescribing, dispensing and processing claims for primary care prescriptions in England. EPS comes with a long list of benefits, including:

  • Only a small percentage (approx. 5%) of prescriptions will need to be hand signed, meaning approx. 95% will be sent electronically to the spine.
  • Prescriptions can be tracked, meaning the process becomes much safer and more secure.
  • It continues to allow patients to have the flexibility of choosing where to collect their prescription.


How will it be activated?

Before EPS Phase 4 can be activated for your organisation, you need to complete the following:

  • Read the EPS phase 4 articles to understand any new processes that may need to be considered (this article is hosted on the EMIS Now platform).

  • Complete the form here, requesting for EPS Phase 4 to be activated. This will require the approval of a clinician at your organisation.

To complete the form, you will be required to login to EMIS Now. If you have not previously logged in, or you have forgotten your login details, click here.

You will be asked for your Organisation ID when completing the form. This can be found on the EMIS Web login screen, or at the top of EMIS Web if you’re logged in.

EMIS will process your request and you will receive an emailing advising that EPS Phase 4 has been activated. The activation process can take up to two working days to complete, with the activation itself taking place overnight. If anyone at your organisation has not logged out, please ask them to do so to allow the activation to be completed.

Additional resources

NHS Digital have create suite of resources, including checklists and various templates that are available here.

DOWNLOAD the About EPS Phase 4 slides (PowerPoint slides)


DOWNLOAD the GP Readiness Checklist



More information can be found on the NHS Digital website which is located here:  https://digital.nhs.uk/services/electronic-prescription-service/phase-4/prescriber-information


For further information contact Todd Davidson


last review date: 12 August 2020