Docman 10

In order to support remote working during Covid-19 and beyond Docman 10 is cloud based and therefore can be accessed anywhere with secure internet access. Upgrades are still available to practices that are interested with training now being conducted remotely, due to an increase in demand the earliest available date is now August which allows for plenty of time to complete the pre migration work. If you wish to discuss joining the migration from Docman 7 to Docman 10 please get in touch

 Steps to upgrade to Docman 10:

 Call with Docman and SCW to review pre migration checklist

  1. Basic Docman housekeeping to be undertaken by practice, familiarisation environment for practice.
  2. Docman 10 migration.
  3. Two days Docman 10 training to be delivered remotely.

Speed test

In order to support practices with this migration we still require network speed information from some practices.  Please follow the three steps below if you haven't yet undertaken this exercise:

  1. Click this link
  2. Click on 'Go' and wait patiently while your speed is measured
  3. Take a screenshot of your average upload speed for your practice (and any branch surgeries) and send this to Tom Baker

For further information contact the Project Manager Tom Baker.

Updated:  14 April 2020