Oxfordshire health priorities ratings revealed

Date: 18 January 2019


Performance of health services in Oxfordshire for people with dementia, mental health problems and learning disabilities has been rated as 'outstanding' or 'good', according to latest figures issued by NHS England.

Assessments for 2017/18 of Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group's (OCCG) clinical priorities show services for people with dementia are 'outstanding', with 67.2 per cent of the estimated number of people with dementia having a recorded diagnosis, and 80.5 per cent of patients with dementia having their care plan reviewed in the preceding 12 months.

The rating for learning disabilities is ' good', with 62.5 per cent of people on a GP learning disability register having received an annual health check during 2017/18.

Also 'good' is the rating for mental health, with 52 per cent of people who finished treatment moving to recovery; 3.84 per cent  of people with depression and/or anxiety disorders having started treatment via Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT);  74 per cent of people with first episode of psychosis starting treatment within two weeks of referral.   

Dr Kiren Collison, clinical chair at OCCG, said: "We welcome these results from 2017/2018 and we thank everyone who has been involved in these vital areas of care. Since these figures were gathered, we have continued to work hard to keep on improving services and make a positive difference to patients in Oxfordshire."

The assessment also showed that performance in diabetes care 'requires improvement' with  37.6 per cent of diabetes patients achieving all recommended treatment targets and 7.1 per cent of people with diabetes diagnosed less than a year attending a structured education course to help manage their disease.

Dr Collison said: "This rating is based on figures in 2017/18 and a lot of progress has been made since then. Consultants are visiting practices to give expert advice, there are more diabetes nurses in the community, we are supporting physical activity for people with diabetes and we are improving diabetes education for healthcare professionals. The benefits of these measures are now starting to be reflected in the National Diabetes Audit. 

"There has also been significant investment in structured education courses for people with both types of diabetes and we will support patients to attend and benefit from these courses." 

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    Good news on performance against targets

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  • Date:
    18 January 2019