Horsefair Surgery - Latest Update

Date: 29 June 2017



Horsefair Surgery in Banbury has faced significant pressure over the last two years in its efforts to ensure patients get good quality services. In December 2016 the practice partnered with Integrated Medical Holdings to provide the business administration support at the practice and bolster resilience. For a number of personal reasons the three longstanding GP Partners, Dr Williams, Dr Alcock and Dr Dawson are leaving the practice at the end of June.

Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group and Horsefair Surgery have been working closely together to recruit new GPs to ensure continued safe and effective care for patients.

A Care Quality Commission inspection in August last year found a number of areas for concern at the practice which all staff, the Patient Participation Group (PPG) and OCCG have been working to address.

Some improvements have been made over the last six months, but a follow-up CQC inspection in May rated the practice ‘inadequate’ overall. OCCG, the staff and the PPG are committed to ensuring the practice continues to improve for the benefit of its patients.

Oxfordshire CCG
Julie Dandridge, Head of Primary Care at Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (OCCG), said:
“OCCG recognises the efforts already made to improve services at Horsefair Surgery over the last few months, and will continue to support the practice to ensure patients get safe, good quality care and to find effective and long lasting solutions to the concerns still highlighted by the CQC.

“OCCG recognises the challenges facing general practice across the country, which includes the recruitment and retention of GPs, but Horsefair Surgery has a clear vision to continue to build on work done so far to support its GPs and other staff to provide high quality patient care.

“The practice has undergone a significant period of change over the last few months and the CCG has been working with the practice to ensure that the necessary actions are taken following the CQC inspection and that there is a smooth transition when the three long standing GPS leave the practice.

Patients have been kept informed during this time and the practice has also worked closely with the Patient Participation Group. “

Dr Liz Dawson, one of the three GPs who are leaving Horsefair Surgery, said: “Drs Alcock, Williams and I are very grateful for the incredible and ongoing support we have had from our staff, colleagues and patients. We are thankful for the input we have had from Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group during a very difficult time. We are immensely proud of the hard work that everyone at Horsefair surgery has put in to ensure we continue to deliver safe and responsive care to our patients.

“We are confident that Horsefair Surgery and Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group will continue to work hard to ensure that our patients receive the best care possible with an improved CQC rating following the next inspection. It is with great sadness that we leave but we wish everyone well for the future.”

Patient Participation Group (PPG)
Eric Woodhouse, Chair of the Horsefair Surgery Patient Participation Group, said: “The PPG has been fully supportive of the practice and all the steps being taken to improve the quality of services to patients. We will continue to support all the staff and patients during the changes taking place and are confident all the points raised by the CQC Inspectors will be addressed. We are planning to hold a drop-in day at the practice in August for patients to meet us and discuss the developments which are taking place.”

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    Read a response from Horsefair Surgery and Oxfordshire CCG to the Care Quality Commission report.

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    29 June 2017