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First ever World Patient Safety Day

Date: 17 September 2019

Poster for WHO Patient Safety Day

Today marks the first ever World Patient Safety Day, an initiative by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to raise awareness of the need to continuously improve patient safety, building on the foundations of a safer culture and safer systems.

Sula Wiltshire, director of quality at Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (OCCG), said: “Do no harm’ has always been at the heart of healthcare. However, throughout the world, occasionally accidental harm occurs to patients. OCCG supports providers to reduce patient harm and to make improvements in safety and quality.

“We welcome the launch of World Patient Safety Day and are in full support of increasing awareness of patient safety.”

For more information about World Patient Safety Day and how to support it go to the WHO website and to the Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust website

  • Summary:

    OCCG is supporting World Patient Safety Day

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  • Date:
    17 September 2019