Community pharmacies can help with emergency medicines

Date: 28 December 2017


If you run out of your regular medication, your local community pharmacy can dispense a short term emergency supply.

There are a number of community pharmacies open over the New Year holiday and you can find details of locations and opening hours on the Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group’s website .

Dr Barbara Batty, clinical lead for urgent care at Oxfordshire CCG, said: "We always encourage patients to make sure they have enough of their regular medication to see them through a Bank Holiday period by getting repeat prescriptions well in advance.

"But there are occasions when someone will run out of medication and need something before they can get to the GP or their regular pharmacist to get a repeat prescription. In these circumstances patients should go to any pharmacy that's open and the pharmacist will be able to dispense an emergency supply if they have it in stock.

"Many requests for repeat prescriptions currently go through the NHS 111 telephone service. These calls are then usually routed to a GP out of hours appointment to arrange an urgent prescription and as a result block access to GP appointments for other patients with greater clinical need.”

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    What to do if you run out of regular medication.

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    28 December 2017