Cogges Surgery announces it's business as usual for patients

Date: 28 December 2018


Patients at Cogges Surgery in Witney can expect 'business as usual' following the announcement that the current practice team will continue to provide primary care services.

Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (OCCG), which buys health services for the county's residents, has accepted the GP partners' request to cancel handing in their contract and, after a thorough assessment, has decided the practice will be able to offer good quality, sustainable services  to its 7,700 patients in the future.

Dr Sandra Hallett, senior partner,  said: “We are delighted that the future of Cogges surgery is secured. We are hugely grateful for the support and loyalty of our patients and staff over the past few months. We welcome our new partner, Dr Kirsty Shepherd. With her on board, we can continue to provide the quality of care and and personal service which we know our patients appreciate.”

Julie Dandridge, head of primary care at  OCCG, said: "We are delighted that the existing practice team at Cogges Surgery in Witney will continue to provide primary care for patients.

“We know this has been an unsettling time for patients and we will be writing to them to confirm that they don’t need to do anything. It will be business as usual; they can stay registered with the practice and continue to benefit from the services provided there.

"When Cogges’ GP partners told us in July this year that they wanted to hand in their notice to stop providing services at the surgery, our main aim was to ensure patients could continue to get care from the practice premises.

“Towards the end of the process to find a new provider, the Cogges partners asked to cancel their notice following the recruitment of a new partner. As a result, the practice was asked to submit an application in a similar way to other applicants.

“It was important that we completed the process to ensure we were confident the arrangements being put in place at the practice would deliver sustainable, good quality services for the future. The information provided by the Cogges partners showed this and our decision has been widely supported by the neighbouring practices in West Oxfordshire.”

  • Summary:

    Cogges Surgery team continue to provide primary care.

  • Transformation:
  • Date:
    28 December 2018