Transforming Health in Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire Transformation Programme


The Oxfordshire Transformation Programme's (2016 -2018) purpose was to develop plans for integrated GP, community and hospital services. In 2017, the NHS in Oxfordshire embarked on a consultation to seeks the views of the public on a number of proposals around acute hospital services (acute hospitals provide a wide range of specialist care and treatment including surgery, medical care, emergency care and tests) including:

  • changing the way we use our hospital beds and increasing care closer to home in Oxfordshire
  • planned care at the Horton General Hospital (planned care includes tests and treatment planned in advance and not urgent or emergency care)
  • acute stroke services in Oxfordshire
  • critical care (critical care helps people with life-threatening or very serious injuries and illnesses) at the Horton General Hospital
  • maternity services at the Horton General Hospital including obstetrics and the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU).



This section of the website contains information that was shared and used during the consultation and its outcome including:


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