Solution Building Event

To date (Sept 2019) the OX12 project has focused on understanding the current and future health and care needs of the OX12 population (by bringing together data and community intelligence) and on building a picture of the services and assets available in the area. Alongside this, the Oxfordshire Clinical and Care Forum has been reviewing relevant innovation and best practice in order to identify potential opportunities to improve the way a population’s health is managed.

The OX12 Project has now reached the ‘Solution Building’ stage. On 18 September 2019 a Solution Building Event was held to focus on four ‘Key Issues’ that have emerged from the information gathering stages of the OX12 Project.

  • Promoting and developing health and wellbeing across all life stages
  • Making best use of Community Resources
  • The impact of a changing population on demand and need
  • Travel and Transport

Attendees at the event worked together to review information and help develop solutions to the key issues faced by the community.

Below is the write-up of the day and output:

Summary of discussions at Solution Building Event - 18 September 2019

Appendix 1 - Final Attendee List

Appendix 2 - Powerpoint Presentation delivered at the Solution Building Event

Appendix 3a - Bite Size Information & Data Pack

Appendix 3b - OX12 Draft Information & Data Pack

Appendix 3c - Final Key Issues Discussion Paper

Appendix 4a - Solutions from individuals (Promoting and developing health and wellbeing across all life stages)

Appendix 4b - Post-its

Appendix 5a - Solutions from individuals (Making best use of Community Resources)

Appendix 5b - Post-its

Appendix 6a - Solutions from individuals (The impact of a changing population on demand and need)

Appendix 6b - Post-its

Appendix 7a - Solutions from individuals (Travel and Transport)

Appendix 7b - Post-its