Primary Care Estates Strategy 2020-25

The CCG has worked with colleagues in primary care and across the local community to develop a five year strategy that incorporates a county-wide review of the existing Primary Care Estate in Oxfordshire, at this time, and identifies both key and critical investment priorities.

Across Oxfordshire there are several drivers (including significant population growth) that mean new primary care developments do make strategic and operational sense.

There have been previous attempts to capture the need for investment in primary care estate within the former six Locality Plans for Oxfordshire published in 2017 and in various Oxfordshire CCG Papers, notably the OCCG Primary Care Estates Framework Discussion Document of 2018 and an effort to have estates developments prioritised through weighted scoring criteria during the 2017/18 bidding process for Estates Technology and Transformation Funding (ETTF) monies.

This Oxfordshire Primary Care Estates Strategy 2020 - 2025 builds on that previous work and updates it into a single document.

A summary document of the strategy is available here