Planning for future health and care needs in Wantage and Grove (OX12)

OCCG has been working with partners to develop a framework to review and plan for future care needs in the community. The framework has been agreed at the Oxfordshire Health and Wellbeing Board (HWB) and is intended to be delivered by working in each locality with the local residents, communities and stakeholders, including local councils. The local plan will be based on the needs of that community and will recognise the assets that already exist in the community. 

The new framework to plan future health and care provision is first being implemented in the area of OX12 (Wantage and Grove). This piece of work is currently underway. 

OCCG has set up a Stakeholder Reference Group to support this piece of work. Its purpose is to bring together patients, carers and the public from the local community with partners of the HWB to ensure public views and experiences are taken into account in the implementation of health and care needs framework in OX12. The role of this group is to act as an open and transparent forum where members can participate and speak honestly; and the CCG, along with HWBB members can provide project updates and seek views on the implementation of Oxfordshire’s Population Health and Care Needs Framework in OX12.




13 February 2019 Beacon Centre, Wantage


Draft Terms of Reference

Draft Engagement Plan

Draft minutes 13/02/2019

29 March 2019 Beacon Centre, Wantage


Minutes of the last meeting and actions

Project Plan

Launch of Survey

26 April 2019 Beacon Centre, Wantage


Draft minutes 29/03/2019

OX12 Governance Chart


Joint HOSC Task and Finish Group

The HOSC Task and Finish Group has been established by Oxfordshire Joint HOSC to provide oversight and assure the timely and thorough completion of the Local Health Needs Assessment Framework, taking into account of the needs of residents in Wantage and the local area. The group's terms of reference and notes of meetings can be found below and will be updated.  The Committee has authorised the group to carry out this work and report back formally to the HOSC. The group will exist until such time as the work has been concluded. 




Terms of reference

3 April 2019

Task & Finish group meeting notes

23 April 2019

Task & Finish group meeting notes


We're holding a series of road shows in the Grove and Wantage area to provide the pubic with more information on the OX12 project. These will also be an opportunity to provide you with key facts on local health and care needs of the area. We'll also be promoting the current survey about use of local services and explain the work we're doing with the Stakeholder Reference Group around this project. 

Please join us at the following locations:

  • Thursday 25 April:  Wantage, The Beacon, 10am – 12pm
  • Friday 26 April:  Hanney:  Old Hanney room, Hanney War Memorial Hall,  3.30pm – 5.30pm
  • Saturday 27 April: Wantage Farmers Market, 8am - 2pm
  • Monday 29 April: East Hendred Community centre, Snells Hall, 4pm – 6pm
  • Tuesday 30 April: Grove Village Hall 3pm-5pm
  • Friday 3 May:  Wantage:  The Mix, 5pm – 7pm


 For more information about the group please contact 01865 334638 or email: