Patient Services

The patient services team are here to answer queries and concerns related to Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group.

As a patient, relative or carer you may need on-the-spot help, advice and support. This is where Patient Services can help

Patient Services provide confidential, on-the-spot advice and support, helping you to sort out any concerns you may have about the care we provide and guiding you through the different services available from the NHS.

What does Patient Services offer?

Patient Services aim to:

  • Resolve concerns and sort out problems on your behalf
  • Listen to your concerns, suggestions and queries
  • Advise and support patients, their families and carers
  • Inform about local NHS services and how to access them

Patient Services acts independently when handling patient and family concerns, liaising with staff, managers and relevant organisations to negotiate immediate or prompt solutions.

Is the Service Confidential?

Yes. We will not speak to anyone about you unless we have your consent.

What doesn’t Patient Services do?

Whilst Patient Services can guide you through the process of making a formal complaint, the team is unable to investigate formal complaints themselves. Patient Services is also unable to offer counselling, diagnosis or any detailed medical information.

Contact Patient Services

Freephone: 0800 052 6088.

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