Oxfordshire Wellbeing Network

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Oxfordshire’s Health and Wellbeing Board (H&WB) sets the strategy and vision for the future of integrated health and care services in the county. The H&WB is keen to see wider engagement of community groups - especially those ‘seldom heard’ groups - across Oxfordshire.

The H&WB asked patient watchdog Healthwatch Oxfordshire to set up the Oxfordshire Wellbeing Network (OWN)

This network will ensure the H&WB listens to and involves organisations and communities not currently represented on the Board.  The Oxfordshire Wellbeing Network brings together local organisations – whatever their community of interest.

It could be housing, health, faith, residents’ association, village or parish council, patient participation groups, neighbourhood support, caring, self-help groups and lunch clubs. Healthwatch is working with Health and Wellbeing Board partner organisations to develop the network; the first network event took place on 18 November 2019 on the theme of challenges to being and staying healthy. The feedback from the event can be found in the downloadable documents below.     

It is anticipated that OWN will meet two/three times a year with a mix of theme-based events and one focusing on the work of the Health and Wellbeing Board. Members of the Board will attend the OWN events to be informed and influenced by the wider community. Partner organisations and the wider community will also be able to interact virtually with OWN.

In addition, with the broad and inclusive membership of OWN, it will be possible for more specific engagement based on geography, topic or demography.

OWN events, reports and actions will be featured on these pages.



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