Oxfordshire Child And Adolescent Mental Health Services - Refresh

children's and adolescent's mental health services

OCCG undertook a series of engagement events with young people, their families and other stakeholders to refresh our local Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) Transformation Plan and set priorities for 2020-22.

The plan is by necessity a long and complex document, but we are committed to making it easier to read for professionals and young people alike. You can see what progress has been made over the past year and our ambitions for the future by reading the full plan here

The refreshed plan describes a model that uses an outward facing and collaborative approach, which emphasises consultation, capacity and capability building of partner organisations. This is to ensure that children and young people can get support at an early stage before problems become severe and will need the intervention of more specialist services such as CAMHS.

The approach is to offer help and support early and to ensure our most vulnerable children have access to mental health services. This will build on children and young people’s own resilience and encourage self-help techniques where possible to help give them the skills they need for moving into adulthood. 

 If you have any questions about the CAMHS Transformation Plan please contact:

  • Doreen Redwood doreen.redwood@oxfordshire.gov.uk 
    Interim Commissioning Manager  Start Well
    Oxfordshire Health, Education and Social Care Joint Commissioning across Oxfordshire County Council and OCCG