OX12 Stakeholder Reference Group

A Stakeholder Reference Group was been set up to support the OX12 project. Its purpose is to bring together patients, carers and the public from the local community with partners of the HWB to ensure public views and experiences are taken into account in the implementation of health and care needs framework in OX12. The role of this group is to act as an open and transparent forum where members can participate and speak honestly; and OCCG, along with HWBB members can provide project updates and seek views on the implementation of Oxfordshire’s Population Health and Care Needs Framework in OX12.

The OX12 Project held a listening event with members of the OX12 Stakeholder Reference Group on 12 September to give members of the SRG an opportunity to put forward their views to a panel of senior NHS decision makers and to explore and discuss these with them.  Below is a summary record of the session and the written submissions:

Summary Record of the OX12 Listening Event

App 1: Submission to OX12 Listening Event

App 2: Primary Care in Wantage





October 2019


Stakeholder briefing note

24 July 2019

Beacon Centre, Wantage

Workshop notes

Presentation slides

5 July 2019

Grove Village Hall

 Workshop notes

Presentation slides

15 May 2019 Beacon Centre, Wantage


Final Terms of Reference

Framework Flow Diagram

26 April 2019 Beacon Centre, Wantage


Minutes 26/04/2019

OX12 Governance Chart

 29 March 2019  Beacon Centre, Wantage  


Minutes of the last meeting and actions

Draft minutes 29/03/2019

Project Plan

Launch of Survey

13 February 2019 Beacon Centre, Wantage


Draft Terms of Reference

Draft Engagement Plan

Draft minutes 13/02/2019