OX12 Information Pack

Health and care leaders in Oxfordshire have been working with patients, the public and other key stakeholders to develop a plan for future health and care needs in Wantage, Grove and surrounding villages.

The Oxfordshire Health and Wellbeing Board (HWB) has ensured public views and experiences are taken into account in the implementation of Oxfordshire’s Population Health and Care Needs Framework in the postcode area of OX12.

The OX12 project is based on the health and wellbeing needs of the community and recognises the services and assets that already exist in the area.  

As part of the project, a public survey has been carried out and local stakeholders have been working with the NHS and local councils to understand what is currently available in the OX12 area to support people’s health and wellbeing now and how needs can be met in the future. 

In addition, two workshops  (5 and 24 July 2019) have been held where the OX12 stakeholder reference group has been able to examine the considerable data and information gathered to date. An Oxfordshire-wide clinical forum has also looked at best practice and innovative ways of delivering services in the community.

Below is the outcome of this work so far: 

OX12 Project Overview

Provides a top-level summary of the information that has been collected to date as part of the ‘information and data collection’ stages of the project.
 OX12 Public Health Flatpack

 A current profile of the health and wellbeing of OX12 population


Survey Report Summary 

 A summary of the public engagement carried out to date for the OX12 Project (see below)


 Full Engagement Report on survey to plan for the future Health and Care needs in Wantage and Grove (OX12)  
 Slide presentations workshop 1  5 July 2019
 Slide presentations workshop 2  24 July 2019
 Workshops outcomes  Feedback and discussions at above workshops
 The Oxfordshire Clinical View

This report summarises the outcome of the discussions of the Oxfordshire Clinical and Care Forum and the Oxfordshire Clinical View with a particular focus on OX12.

The Oxfordshire Clinical and Care Forum is made up of clinical leads from across the health and care system. 

1. OX12 Project: Innovation and Best Practice Discussion Document

2. Population Health and Care Needs Framework: Review of Innovation and Good Practice

These two reports were reviewed by the Oxfordshire Clinical and Care Forum to support the Oxfordshire Clinical View

Review of Physical Assets

A comprehensive exercise was undertaken to map the physical assets that exist and are most used by people living in OX12 to meet their health and care needs. This included a survey undertaken by the Stakeholder Reference Group supported by research and a wealth of local knowledge. This document provides list of known physical assets in OX12.


What we know about OX12?


This document is a summary of Workshop Discussion held on Wednesday 22 May 2019 looking what we already know about OX12.
Data and Information Pack

This Data and Information Pack was developed by members of the OX12 Project Group and member of the OX12 Stakeholder Reference Group to give an overview of the information and data gathered in a way that supports and aids discussions for the OX12 Project.


Appendix 1: Health and Care Needs Framework Summary To review and plan for future care needs in the community
Appendix 2: Health and Care Needs Framework flow diagram  


If you have any questions or queries relating to any of the above information please contact: OCCG.talking.health@nhs.net