Musculoskeletal Services in Oxfordshire

In 2015 OCCG undertook a review of musculoskeletal (MSK) services in the county, this included engaging with clinicians and patients. A business case was developed and set out how MSK services were operating at the time and made a recommendation to implement a new integrated service that sought improvements in several areas, including access, self-management, a person-centred approach and the integration of assessment with triage and treatment.

OCCG engaged patients who used the service in this process in developing the business case and in developing the new specification. A contract to provide MSK services in Oxfordshire was re-tendered (after working with the incumbent providers to give them an opportunity to provide the newly specified service) and a new provider was awarded the contract in June 2017. The new provider, Healthshare, is a clinical stakeholder organisation which works within the NHS and is solely funded through NHS contracts. Healthshare took on provision of community MSK services in October 2017.

In the autumn of 2017, following feedback from the public, Oxfordshire Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee raised their concerns with OCCG regarding the process, outcome and transfer of MSK services to the new contract. OCCG has provided the committee with the original business case, a briefing note and answers to a number of questions.

At the HOSC meeting 8 February 2018, the committee requested that a Task and Finish Group be established to examine the provision of MSK services and report back. The Task and Finish Group work has resulted in a report looking at the process and lessons learned from the service redesign, procurement, mobilisation and transferring MSK services to the new provider. The report is available here.

As part of the task and finish group work the OCCG undertook a survey to understand the patient experience of the new musculoskeletal (MSK) service being provided by Healthshare. The report has been shared with the HOSC Task and Finish Group, OCCG’s planned care team responsible for commissioning MSK services and Healthshare to help support improvements in the MSK services. The final survey report is available here.

Although performance around the triaging of patients is exceeding targets, the remaining targets within the contract for getting patients into the services they need in the targeted time, is not yet being achieved. The CCG are working with Healthshare to address these issues. A joint MSK service improvement plan is available here