Erin Sims, Counter Fraud SpecialistYour Counter Fraud Service – Erin Sims, Local Counter Fraud Specialist 

It is important to ensure that all staff at OCCG aware of what fraud and bribery are, to provide examples of the types of fraud that can occur within the NHS and provide information as to what action should be taken should a suspicion of fraud, bribery or corruption arise.
Fraud and bribery within the NHS is not acceptable as these offences divert valuable resources away from patient care and put  patients at risk. It is important that funds which are intended for healthcare are used as such; therefore OCCG takes a zero tolerance approach towards tackling fraud. 
The role of NHS Protect works to identify and tackle crime across the health service. The aim is to protect NHS staff and resources from activities that would otherwise undermine their effectiveness and their ability to meet the needs of patients and professionals. Ultimately, this helps to ensure the proper use of valuable NHS resources and a safer, more secure environment in which to deliver and receive care. Under the NHS Standard Contract for 2014/2015, all organisations providing NHS services must put in place and maintain appropriate counter fraud and security management arrangements. 
RSM Risk Assurance Services currently provides your Local Counter Fraud Specialist (LCFS) and the role of the LCFS is to implement the NHS Counter Fraud strategy within the organisation and to investigate professionally, any suspicions of fraud or bribery that may arise.
The NHS widely recognises that the vast majority of staff and patients are honest.  Unfortunately however, there is a small minority against which action has to be taken to reduce fraud to an absolute minimum.
Please click on the links and documents provided for further information, examples and case studies of fraud within the NHS.
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