Equality and Diversity


We are committed to ensuring equality, diversity, inclusion and human rights are central to the way we commission and deliver healthcare services and how we support our staff.

OCCG has a dedicated Equality and Access team which supports commissioners to engage with seldom heard/diverse groups. The team facilitate discussions with diverse groups; support people to complete surveys, gather patients’ views on services and help people to access services if they are experiencing problems. The team advise the CCG as and when materials are translated and in what form to support effective engagement. The team work very closely with the CCG's communication and engagement teams to support projects and target diverse groups. The team have extensive experience of working in different communities and have developed networks across Oxfordshire to support the voice from seldom heard groups. 

Equality Objectives

In consultation with stakeholders across Oxfordshire, the Equality Delivery System (EDS2) was used to develop Equality Objectives for the years ahead. Our vision is to improve equality of access, experience and outcomes in healthcare for all groups in Oxfordshire.

The Equality Objectives for 2016 - 2020 are:

  • provide inclusive leadership to ensure that OCCG demonstrates a commitment to equality and diversity at a strategic and operational level
  • embed equality and diversity in mainstream processes through EDS2 and Equality Analysis
  • improve equity of acces, quality of experience and outcomes for our population by embedding equality and diversity within all our commissioning processes
  • improve access, quality of experience and outcomes for our population by involving and listening to patients from all protected characteristic groups and other vulnerable groups whose voices may be 'seldom heard'
  • improve the capture and analysis of population, workforce and patient information broken down by protected characteristic
  • ensure equality and diversity is embedded in OCCG polices and processes to ensure a representative and supported workforce

 Please find the latest Annual Equality Report (2020).