Oxford City locality plan

The Locality Group proposes to focus on the following objectives:

  • To reduce health inequalities in the City.
  • To reduce the numbers of frail elderly patients being admitted to hospital, working in partnership with other localities as appropriate.
  • To establish an effective integrated health and social care team for the City locality.
  • To reduce follow ups for patients.
  • To reduce the number of patients who experience delays in their transfer of care.
  • To improve the management of patients with long term conditions and their ability to take control of managing their own health, including poorly controlled diabetics and those with mental health needs.
  • To improve care in the last year of life and to improve the quality of death for all patients in the City, not just those with cancer.
  • To establish effective mechanisms for engaging patients, carers and other partners in our decision making.
  • To ensure that OUHT delivers improvements in the quality of its operational procedures and clinical services so that the issues raised commonly are resolved


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