Your Local Area

OCCG is organised into six localities – Oxford City, North Oxfordshire, North East, West Oxfordshire, South West and South East. Each locality’s population has different needs and working this way allows the individual GP practices in each locality to reflect your health needs in the services that we buy.

Each Locality has a Public Locality Forum. The Forums represent one of several routes to patients and the public for the OCCG to consult, involve, and engage patients in the development of safer and more effective health services. As such they are an invaluable source of information. Following discussions, the CCG and the Public Locality Forum Chairs have come together to set out a plan to ensure an effective and long term partnership. This plan is set out in a Letter of Intent which has been signed by all of the current Forum Chairs and David Smith from the CCG.

For more information about the Public Locality Forums or to get involved in the work of the CCG please contact 01865  334 638 or email

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