Oxfordshire Care Summary

What is the Oxfordshire Care Summary? oxfordshire-care-summary

From March 2013, clinicians across Oxfordshire have been able to access the Oxfordshire Care Summary. The Oxfordshire Care Summary is a single electronic view of specific, up-to-date, clinical information from your GP record and other records which may be kept to support your care in NHS organisations in Oxfordshire. You will already have been asked for consent to share these pieces of information. The information will be used to ensure you get the safest treatment as quickly as possible.


What will be available to appropriate care staff:

  • Any significant diagnoses you may have
  • Information on the medications you have been prescribed by your GP or by the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust on discharge
  • Allergies and adverse reactions
  • Information on tests and investigations carried out by your GP
  • Information on attendances or appointments at the John Radcliffe or Horton hospitals
  • Discharge summaries from the Oxford Universities Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Other documents such as care plans may also be available, but these will be agreed with you before they are shared


What won’t be available:

  • Information about conversations you have had with your GP or
  • Information on sensitive subjects such as sexual health.


What’s being said about the Oxfordshire Care Summary

“It is hard to imagine the paucity of data with which hospital clinicians sometimes have to work – in extreme circumstances, no notes, no old letters, no blood results, no list of medication.  Just a patient who says ‘I’m not sure why I’m here.”

Gary Tan, Diabetic Consultant

“This is arguably the most important IT project in the County”

 Oxfordshire General Practitioner

“I can see far more of the patient’s hospital data which has been vitally important in my newly registered patients who have joined me but are in area e.g. a new advanced cancer patient without a diagnosis where I desperately needed up to date information on her imaging and biopsy results to plan her care”

Oxfordshire General Practitioner

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Which clinicians will be able to have access to my Oxfordshire Care Summary?

After a successful launch in 2013 with a small group of users, we are gradually extending access to clinicians in the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, and to GPs. Access for any group of clinicians will depend upon approval from Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group. For a complete list of clinicians who have access to the Oxfordshire Care Summary, please see here. Clinicians who look at your Oxfordshire Care Summary will ask your permission to view it before they do so, unless there is no time to do so as in an emergency

How will I know if I have an Oxfordshire Care Summary?

In March 2012, you will have received a letter informing you about the  local Oxfordshire Care Summary and the national Summary Care Record, and offering you the chance to opt out of both.  If you didn’t opt out, and you are registered with an Oxfordshire GP, then you should have an Oxfordshire Care Summary.  New patients will have received the information when they registered.

What if I don’t want an Oxfordshire Care Summary?

Please contact your GP.  They can add a code onto your record which will prevent an Oxfordshire Care Summary being available in the future.

To find out more

The following documents describe what information is available to the Oxfordshire Care Summary:


Download and print a fact sheet


If you have any further questions please contact us on:

Email: oxfordshire.caresummary@nhs.net

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