A&E or 999

AanEAccident & Emergency

For life threatening conditions, call 999 – Accident & Emergency (A&E).

Emergency services are very busy. You should only attend Emergency Departments if you are very badly hurt or if you become very seriously ill (life-threatening). This would include:

  • life threatening choking
  • chest pain
  • blacking out
  • severe blood loss
  • severe breathing difficulty

Where to go

In Oxfordshire there are Emergency Departments at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford and the Horton General Hospital in Banbury. Other hospitals close to Oxfordshire with Emergency Departments include the Royal Berskhire Hospital in Reading and the Great Western Hospital in Swindon.

Find it on your phone

To check which hospital is nearest to you in Oxfordshire:

choosewellappDownload OCCG’s Choose Well app to your smart phone to find health services closest to where you are in Oxfordshire. Visit the app store to download the app for Android or iOS operating systems.  See http://bit.ly/iphoneappchoosewell or

South Central Ambulance Service

Providing an emergency response – Main purpose is to respond to emergency 999 calls, getting medical help to patients who have serious or life-threatening injuries or illnesses as quickly as possible.

Responding to less serious calls – A large proportion of our patients, however, do not have serious or life-threatening conditions. And they don’t need to be sent an ambulance on blue lights and sirens. Often they can receive more appropriate care somewhere other than at hospital.

Non-Emergency Transport Service – We run a Non-Emergency Patient Transport Service which provides pre-arranged transportation for patients to and from their hospital appointments and often between healthcare settings, such as one hospital to another. This service operates in an open market in which we compete against other providers, often private companies, for contracts with hospitals.

Medical Equipment Provision – In Berkshire, we provide the loan and transport of medical equipment to and from patients on behalf of the local health area, for instance the delivery of an oxygen cylinder. This service allows more patients to live independent lives out of the hospital environment.


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