We recognise the vital role of care provided by family and friends and aim to work in partnership with carers to help support them in their caring roles.

Are You A Carer?

If you look after someone with a physical or mental illness or disability, a learning disability, or frailty, who needs support to live at home, whether or not that person is:

  • Young or an older person
  • A relative, partner, child or friend
  • Living with you or not
  • In need of personal care, supervision or emotional support

If your answer is yes then you are a carer.

This does not apply if you provide care as part of your paid employment or on behalf of a voluntary organisation. It is important to let your GP know if you are a carer so that your health needs as a carer can be taken into account.

1 stop shop for information and support go to  Carers Oxfordshire for further information.

Caring For Carers

If you are a carer and you would like some support, or if your own health is being made worse by caring for a relative, due to stress, depression or physical strain. Find out what help may be available – go to Carers Oxfordshire for further information.

Carers Needs Assessment

If caring has a major impact on your life and you think you many need social care services to continue to care, please contact the Social and Health Care Team on 0845-050-7666 or email: to request a Carers Needs Assessment.

Alternatively, as a starting point, you can complete a carers’ self-assessment form on Carers Oxfordshire. For further information on assessments and services for carers see

If the person you care for is not receiving any community care services, they may benefit from having their own assessment to discuss their needs, find out what help may be available and if they may be eligible for help. Visit Carers Oxfordshire 

Carers Supporting An Adult With Serious Mental Illness

If you are helping to support an adult with serious mental illness who lives in Oxfordshire, Rethink Carer Support project can offer you support and advice:

Rethink Carer Support, Manzil Way Resource Centre, Manzil Way, Cowley, OX4 1GH

Tel: 01865 455877 or email: 

Oxfordshire Carers’ Voice

Carers Voice is the independant voice of carers in Oxfordshire.  We work to provide the best listening, influencing and campaigning support wherever and whenever we can.

The Oxfordshire Carers’ Voice, 2nd Floor, The Charter, Abingdon, OX14 4LZ

Tel: 01235 5520440 or email:

Rally Round – Free Online Service for Carers in Oxfordshire

An online service brings together Oxfordshire carers to help their loved ones stay safe and well at home.

Rally Round is a free digital network which enables family members, friends and carers to create and organise support for themselves and the person they care for.

Rally Round, which is backed by Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group and Carers Oxfordshire, was designed to help people and their family carers, but can be used to help anyone who needs more practical support.

Individuals become part of the network by invitation – so are well-known and trusted.  It promotes strong support networks which in turn help the person being cared for live in the community and reduce the burden on informal carers.

You can get access to Rally Round here .

For further information please email Carers Oxfordshire:  or phone: 0845 050 7666

Emergency Carers Support Service

This service provide free emergency care for the person you look after in the event you are unable to because you the carer have had an emergency. You need to register for this service through Carers Oxfordshire. Please ring 0845 0507666 email:

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