Lavender Statements

This page lists the clinical commissioning policies – known locally as Lavender Statements – that have been adopted by OCCG’s Board. NHS organisations caring for Oxfordshire patients must take account of these statements when considering treatment or referral to other specialists.

For information on how these policies were developed, please see priority setting.

Lavender Statements

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Ref # Policy Name Date Last Updated
1c Varicose Vein Policy  Mar 2014
2c Complementary and Alternative Therapies Sept 2016
4 TVPC- Commissioning Policy Statement- Male sterilisation- Vasectomy services Feb 2015
6 Aesthetic treatment Sept 2015
8c Reversal of Sterilisation and Reversal of Vasectomy Sept 2016
10c Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea/Hypopnea Syndrome Sept 2016
11 TV Assisted Reproduction Services policy Nov 2013
11g Assisted Reproduction Services, Policy Statement: Summary of the rationale behind departing from NICE guidelines July 2015
18d Treatments for Gender Dysphoria Mar 2014
41d Erectile Dysfunction Apr 2016
42c Gluten free foods policy update Dec 2013
43 Glucosamine for osteoarthritis Oct 2008
62b Terbinafine for Fungal Nail Infections Sept 2016
67b Private and NHS funding Apr 2016
68b Elective Surgical Hernia Repair in Adults Dec 2016
69b Research Trials and NHS Funding Dec 2016
70b Hyperhidrosis – policy recommendations Sept 2015
76b Facial Hirsutism Sept 2016
80d Guidance for Considering Policy Exceptions Sept 2016
81b Intensive Inpatient Therapy for Severe Primary Lymphoedoema Sept 2016
88c Optimising self care by appropriate use of over the counter medicines (Restricted Prescribing List) Feb 2017
101c Otitis media with effusion Nov 2015
102c Tonsillectomy for Surgical Managment of Recurrent Tonsillitis Obstuctive Sleep Apnoea in Children Dec 2016
112b Dilatation and curettage policy recommendation Nov 2015
113 Hysterectomy and heavy menstrual bleeding Feb 2012
114b P1NP Testing in Osteoporosis Sept 2016
115b Implementation of NICE IPG, MTG and DTG Jun 2016
120 Drug therapies for restless legs syndrome Jul 2008
125b Therapeutic use of Probiotics in Adults and Children Sept 2016
126b Cataract Removal in Adults Sept 2016
133b Cannabinoids in the Management of Multiple Sclerosis and Chronic Pain Sept 2016
134b Drugs for Dementia in PD and Lewy Bodies  Sept 2016
137 Surgery for ganglions Sept 2015
143a Funding of NICE TAGs Sept 2009
151b Zoledronic Acid for Glucocorticoid Induced Osteoporosis Sept 2016
153a Excess Treatment Costs Dec 2016
155b  Acupuncture and manual therapies for chronic non specific low back pain Nov 2015
160b Methylphenidate and Atomoxetine for ADHD Sept 2016
172 Carpal tunnel syndrome Sept 2015
173b Male Circumcision Sept 2016
174 Dupuytrens Contracture Sept 2015
175 Trigger finger Sept 2015
177b Atomoxetine in Adults with ADHD Sept 2016
178b Mode of Care for Adult ADHD Sept 2016
179b Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Sept 2016
181b Smoking Cessation Prior to Elective Surgery Jan 2017
182 Arthroscopic lavage and debridement for OA knee Oct 2014
187b Primary hip replacement Nov 2015
188a Total Knee Joint Replacement Oct 2016
201 Biological Disease Modifying Drugs in Rheumatoid Arthritis in Adults Apr 2016
203b Cholecystectomy for Asymptomatic Pts Sept 2016
204b Surgical Removal of Anal Skin Tags Sept 2016
205b Surgery For Painful Big Toe Bunion Nov 2016
209b Hip impingement surgery (FAI) Apr 2016
210 Routine follow up after hip or knee replacement surgery Oct 2014
213b Infliximab and Adalimumab Dose Escalation in Fistulating Crohns Sept 2016
214b Infliximab and Adalimumab Dose Escalation in Severe Crohns Sept 2016
215b Infliximab and Adalimumab Dose Escalation in Children with Active Crohns Sept 2016
219b Non Pharmacological Interventions for Dementia Sept 2016
222b Elbow Tendinopathy Corticosteroids Sept 2016
223b Corticosteroid Injections for Patellar Tendinopathy Sept 2016
226b Facet Joint Injections Diagnostic Sept 2016
227b Facet joint injections and medial branch blocks for the treatment of chronic low back and neck pain  Sept 2015
228 Laparoscopic ventral rectopexy for internal rectal prolapse July 2012
232 Pharmacological treatments for the secondary prevention of osteoporotic fragility fractures in men Sept 2012
233b Penile Rehabilitation following prostate surgery May 2015
244 Speech and Language therapy – Parkinson’s Disease Feb 2013
247b Transforaminal Epidural Injections for Sciatica Sept 2016
248 Anal Irrigation Sept 2016
249b Anti-VEGF Treatments and Dexamethasone Implants for Macular Oedema Caused by RVO Jan 2017
250 Milk Products Oct 2014
251a Referral For Knee Joint Replacement Revision Assessment Oct 2016
252 Interventions for delayed and non- union fracture. Exogen system and teriparatide May 2015
253 Policy for the preservation of Fertility  Jul 2015
254 Botulinum Toxin Policy recommendations Sept 2015
255 Biologic mesh Oct 2015
256 Rhinosinusitis Oct 2015
257 Spinal surgery for chronic non-specific low back pain policy recommedantion Nov 2015
258 Pectus anomaly surgery policy recommedation Nov 2015
259 Hip replacement revision Nov 2015
260 Severe and complex obesity Apr 2016
261 US guided injections for hip pain Apr 2016
262 Verteporfin in CSR and IPCV  Aug 2016
263 Use of biological therapies for ulcerative colits Aug 2016
265b Patellofemoral Joint Replacement Jan 2017
266 Sequential Use Of Biologics In Psoriasis Final Oct 2016
267 Sequential Use Of Biologics In Opthalmology Oct 2016
268 Sequential Use Of Biologics In Psoriatic Arthritis Oct 2016
269 Subacromial Decompression of the Shoulder Dec 2016
270 Patella Resurfacing Coded as HR05Z Dec 2016
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