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Locality – South West – September 2015

How Can Your PPG Be Improved?

The public and the Locality’s Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) are being encouraged to take part in a quick poll to gather patient opinion and give OCCG an indication of public awareness levels of what PPGs are and how they could be better promoted.

The poll is relevant for everyone in Oxfordshire and particularly those people that get involved in their local health services. The findings will help indicate the sort of support PPGs might need such as attracting more young people, increasing membership, or assistance with promoting their PPG.

You can take part in the poll via OCCG’s Talking Health online site view here



For more information about the Locality contact Dasa Miklosovicova, Locality Co-ordinator, email:


Information about the Locality

There are 14 GP practices in the Locality with a population of around 140,000. The locality Clinical Director is Dr Julie Anderson supported by Dr Gavin Batholomew.

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