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Locality – South East – September 2015

South East Locality Forum (SELF) – An update from the patient forum

SELF wrote to OCCG at the end of July restating its views on the proposals for the new Townlands Hospital. SELF would like to see an emergency multidisciplinary unit (EMU) at the new hospital. SELF believe that patients from Berkshire could also be treated at the new hospital to make its catchment area bigger so justifying the inclusion of an EMU.

SELF also fed back its views to OCCG on its commissioning intentions for 2015/16. Overall, SELF welcomed the initiatives but did not want a target set for the number of people diagnosed with dementia. SELF believe any increase in the target might only result in further including people with mild symptoms who might be affected unfairly as a result of their diagnosis.

SELF welcomed the extra investment in mental health services and the redesign of Children and Adults Mental Health Services (CAMHS) but regretted the slow roll out of the new service. SELF appreciated the progress made by OCCG to work more closely with the Locality Forum Chairs.

SELF agreed with plans to invest more in primary and community care and would like the South East Oxfordshire GP Federation (SEOX) to play more of a role in developing projects and involve patients further in its work. SELF has written to the GP Lead of SEOX.


For more information about the Locality contact Dasa Miklosovicova, Locality Co-ordinator, email:


Information about the Locality
There are 10 GP practices in the Locality with a population of 89,984. The locality Clinical Director is Dr Andrew Burnett who is supported by Dr Amar Latif.

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