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Locality – North East – September 2015

Health services in Bicester under discussion as partners continue to plan for town’s growth

The Locality continues to talk to a wide range of partners on the provision of future health services in Bicester to cope with an expected increase in the town’s population over the next 16 years.

About 10,000 new homes are planned to be built in Bicester which will result in thousands more people living in the town by 2031.

The Locality is working closely with planners and its partners including local government, GPs and the NHS to ensure that future health and social care needs of the growing population of Bicester will be met. More detailed plans will be prepared over the coming year.


For more information contact Julie-Anne Howe, Locality Co-ordinator email:


Information about the Locality

There are 10 GP practices in the Locality with a population of just over 78,000. The locality Clinical Director is Dr Stephen Attwood, who is supported by Dr Will O’Gorman.

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