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Book Your Flu Jab Appointment

Book Your Flu Jab Appointment


Remember to book an appointment with your GP for a flu vaccination. While flu is unpleasant for anyone that catches it, for some people it can lead to complications.

Those most ‘at risk’ include people aged over 65, pregnant women, anyone with a long term condition like asthma, diabetes, heart disease, chronic kidney and liver disease, neurological disease or with a weakened immune system.

GP practices across Oxfordshire will be holding seasonal flu vaccination clinics from mid-September, and ‘at risk’ patients are advised to contact their practice and book an appointment for a jab. Immunisation by nasal spray is available for children aged two, three and four years and school children in years 1 and 2 (five and six year olds).

Dr Andrew Burnett, Urgent Care Lead at OCCG said: ‘People should not underestimate the effects of seasonal flu. It is not the same as getting a cold. It can seriously affect your health and the risks of developing complications are greater if you have certain medical conditions.’

Andrew added: ‘If you are in any of the at-risk groups, my advice is to visit your GP and get the free vaccination as soon as possible. This is the best form of protection for you and others.’

More information about flu immunisation is available on the NHS Choices website here


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