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Locality – South East Oxfordshire – November 2014

Join Your Patient Participation Group

Did you know that most GP practices in the locality have a patient participation group (PPG) which are run either by patients meeting face to face or virtually through email and online discussion forums? PPGs provide feedback and advice on the services being provided at GPs surgeries. Each PPG sends a representative to take part in the South East Locality Patient Forum (SELF).
This supports OCCG as they commission health services for patients across Oxfordshire including acute and community hospital care. SELF does this by gathering the views of patients on local health services to feed back to OCCG. The chair of each patient forum also attends the South East Locality Group which includes doctors from each practice allowing patients a strong voice to influence commissioning. If you want more information about joining a PPG, talk to your GP practice.

Information About the Locality 
There are 10 GP practices in the locality with a population of 89,984. The locality Clinical Director is Dr Andrew Burnett who is supported by Dr Amear Latif.

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