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OCCG Connect Newsletter – November 2014

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David Smith, Chief Executive at OCCG

A Message from Our Chief Executive

A warm welcome to the latest edition of the OCCG Connect newsletter. You might have noticed that we’ve changed the way you can access and read the newsletter. Stories for each edition will be available on the OCCG website and you will be directed to them through links on the content page which will be emailed to you as before. We hope you find this new format easy to use and that it will encourage you to take advantage of the information and support we provide on our website.

I’m sure you’ll be delighted to know that we’re expecting to finish the financial year with a forecast break even financial position. At the beginning of the year we forecast a year end deficit but now we expect to break even. This is the result of monies received from NHS England following a review by them to help pay for the treatment of overseas visitors when they are staying in Oxfordshire.

I am also pleased to inform you that OCCG received approximately £4m from the government to help us better manage health services this winter. We will be sharing the money with our health and social care partners to ensure we can maintain a high quality of patient care during the winter months as demand for services go up.

We can all help take the pressure off over-stretched services in Oxfordshire by getting early advice when we feel ill especially over the winter months. Please visit your local high street pharmacy if you have a bad cough or a sore throat for advice on how to treat these conditions. They are a good alternative to seeing your GP.

And remember, there is still time to book an appointment for a free flu vaccination at your GP practice especially for those in the ‘at risk’ groups such as people aged over 65 and pregnant women. The jab will help keep you well and healthy from the complications of flu.


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