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Download a Free Choose Well App to Find Your Nearest Health Service

An education campaign, known as ‘Choose Well’ was launched earlier this month to help people understand where to go for urgent health advice.

The OCCG campaign features a number of different people with a variety of health conditions highlighting which health services they should turn to for urgent health advice and to ‘Choose Well’.

They know where to go, do you? Choose the right care

Further support is available via an app, which signposts people to local health services with information about when the services are open and how to find the service closest to you. Visit the app store to download the app for Android or iOS operating systems. See or

The campaign also advises you how to use services effectively especially over bank holidays like the forthcoming Easter weekend when health services – particularly emergency departments – often come under increased pressure.

Dr Andrew Burnett, Urgent Care Clinical Lead for OCCG, said: ‘It’s not easy to choose the right health service when someone you care for is unwell. We want to help people be aware of what services are there for Oxfordshire residents, when to turn to which service, where those services are and when they are open. There is also a Choose Well app developed by OCCG, so people can find all this out using their smartphone.’

For further information, head to the Choose Well part of our site

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