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Locality – West – January 2015

Charlbury People Speak Out on NHS Services

More than 70 people turned out to West Oxfordshire Locality Forum’s “Have Your Say” meeting in the Charlbury Memorial Hall on 15 November sharing wide-ranging views on Oxfordshire health services.

Much of the success of the event was due to the organisation and publicity undertaken by members of the Forum Steering Group.

People were invited to share their experiences with Steering Group members, and staff from a variety of organisations provided information stands, including; Age UK Oxfordshire, Carers Oxfordshire, Dementia-friendly Charlbury, the MS Society, the Lawrence Care Home, West Oxfordshire District Council and Healthwatch Oxfordshire.

Of those who attended – including families with children to young adults and older people – 31 chose to leave their contact details, 44 provided lengthy written submissions and 65 gave short comments. It was the best turnout at a West Oxfordshire Forum meeting to date.

Views included:

  • A very good level of satisfaction overall with health services, but some difficulty in accessing GP appointments;
  • Praise for minor injury units but concern that not enough people know what services they offer;
  • There was much praise for the level of treatment provided by consultants in all Oxfordshire hospitals, but some instances of less than ideal aftercare;
  • Concerns focused on delays in getting treatment following a referral leading to a worsening of a patient’s condition. Many people had experienced problems with getting a suitable appointment on time;
  • People felt they needed to arrive very early to find a parking space at local hospitals or had to make difficult journeys by public transport;
  • Treatment by NHS therapists was appreciated, but often they were difficult to access promptly.

Overall there was much local satisfaction with health services, but some instances of poor communication such as delays getting test results.  Some people felt that there were occasions when clinicians could not work effectively due to weaknesses in the NHS organisational systems. The Steering Group was satisfied that health messages on ‘keeping well’ and ‘prevention’ were well received at the event, with many people recognising the need to take responsibility for their own health.

We warmly thank everyone who took part in the event. Issues raised at the event will be considered by the Forum Steering Group. The results will be published locally, and sent to Healthwatch Oxfordshire and OCCG.

Further “Have Your Say” public meetings are planned to be held in Carterton and Eynsham.

Information About the Locality

There are nine GP practices in the Locality with nearly 80,000 patients. Dr Miles Carter is the Locality Clinical Director.

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