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Locality – South West – January 2015

Jackie Takes on Co-ordinator Role

Jackie Masters has been appointed the new Locality Co-ordinator for both the South East and South West Localities.

Jackie’s job is to provide an effective and efficient two-way link between the localities – including their GP practices – with the commissioning work of OCCG. Jackie will also ensure that the localities’ priorities are fed into OCCG’s overall strategic aims of finding better and more innovative ways of delivering quality health services in Oxfordshire.

Jackie brings a wealth of experience to the post having worked in planned care projects in OCCG such as ophthalmology (diseases of the eye) and gastroenterology (digestive disorders).

Jackie said:  ‘I am delighted with my new role. I’ll be working closely with the clinical directors in each locality to respond to the needs and concerns of GP practices. I will also link up with patient groups in each locality to keep them informed of on-going OCCG commissioning projects and to feed back their views.’

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Information About the Locality

There are 14 GP practices in the Locality with a population of around 140,000. The locality Clinical Director is Dr Julie Anderson who is supported by Dr Gavin Bartholomew.

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