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Locality – South West – May 2015

Eye Care Success

A scheme run by the locality reduced significantly the number of patients who needed to visit hospital to have their eye conditions assessed and treated. All 14 GP practices in the locality took part in the three-month ophthalmology pilot which finished in April 2015.

As part of the scheme a specialist GP reviewed all patient referrals, advising GPs on how best to manage individual cases. In some instances this meant that the patient’s eye condition could be managed in primary care rather than referring them to see an eye specialist. Details of the pilot have been fed into OCCG’s plans for developing eye care services across the county.     



Education Event Improves GP Skills

Both the South West and South East localities organised successful educational events for their GP practices. Around 20 GPs took part in the South West event in March (and 25 GPs at the South East event in April) and they were given some practical training on using dermatoscopes by Dr George Moncrieff, an expert in diagnosing and treating skin conditions.

The session showed GPs how to use the devices which take well lit, magnified images of skin growths or lesions. GPs will be able to securely email the images over to hospital consultants, who will advise doctors on either how to treat the condition or whether the patient needs to be referred to hospital. This is part of a dermoscopy pilot that each locality is currently trialling to help deliver better patient care and reduce the number of hospital referrals.

In addition, the education event in the South West included a talk from Dr Dan Lasserson of the Department of Geratology at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust. He spoke on the management of frail elderly patients at the Emergency Multidisciplinary Unit at Abingdon’s Community Hospital. Dr Lola Martos, a Psychogeriatrician at Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, discussed how best to manage dementia patients.

There will be further education events for GPs in the South localities.  For information about these please contact



For more information about the Locality contact Jackie Masters, Locality Co-ordinator, email:


Information About the Locality

There are 14 GP practices in the Locality with a population of around 140,000. The locality Clinical Director is Dr Julie Anderson.

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