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Locality – Oxford City – May 2015

A New Approach to Healthcare in Rose Hill

OCCG and partners are working with local people in Rose Hill and the surrounding areas to develop plans to consult on a proposed new approach for health services at the new community centre in Rose Hill.

Proposals under development for health services at the community centre will seek to reduce the health inequalities in this community.

As part of this initiative, members of the local community, OCCG, Oxford City Council and locality GPs, visited an innovative health and wellbeing centre in London to learn how it is helping its local community to improve their care through ‘social prescribing.’ This approach invites people to take part in creative, social or exercise based activities that can make a real difference to their health and wellbeing.

A consultation will run during the summer months to gather local feedback and shape the health services provided in the new community centre.



Better Care for Skin Conditions

GPs in the North East and Oxford City localities have purchased dermatascopes for all their practices. The devices take well-lit, magnified images of skin growths known as lesions. Images are emailed securely to specialist consultants at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust who will advise GPs on treating the conditions, and on whether the patient needs to be referred to hospital or not. This initiative will save patients unnecessary journeys to hospital depending on the outcome of their conditions.


For more information contact Julie-Anne Howe, Locality Co-ordinator email:



Information about the Locality

There are 24 GP practices in the Locality with a population of nearly 200,000. The Clinical Director is Dr David Chapman who is supported by three deputies, Dr Karen Kearley, Dr Merlin Dunlop and Dr Andy Valentine.

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