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Locality – South East – July 2015

Dasa Miklosovicova

A Warm Welcome to Dasa

Dasa Miklosovicova (pictured) is the new Locality Co-ordinator for both the South East and South West Localities having taken up her position on 13 July this year.

Dasa’a role is to provide a two-way link between the localities – and their GP practices – with the OCCG’s commissioning work. Dasa will also ensure that the Locality’s priorities are fed into OCCG’s overall strategic aims of finding better and more innovative ways of delivering quality health services in Oxfordshire.

Dasa was previously the Commissioning Support Officer for the South West Locality until 2014, when she joined Swindon Clinical Commissioning Group as a Project Manager.

Dasa said:  ‘I am delighted with my new role. I’ll be working closely with the Clinical Directors in each locality to respond to the needs and concerns of GP practices. I will also link up with patient groups across both localities to keep them informed of on-going OCCG commissioning projects and to feed back their views on health services.’

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South East Locality Forum (SELF) Update

At the SELF meeting in May, there was an update on the Oxfordshire Care Summary (OCS) from Maggie Lay, Clinical Transformation Lead at South, West and Central Commissioning Support Service.

Maggie explained how the OCS shares patient records with GPs and clinicians at local hospitals who have permission to access this secure information. Maggie said all GP practices in the South East Locality had signed up to OCS which is helping to further improve patient care in the county. SELF are pleased with the ongoing development of OCS and see it as an example of a local project that is improving patient care.

In early June, John Reid, the Chair of SELF accompanied by two other members, Jeremy Hutchins and Neil Topping met with Dr Mark Bish the Lead GP for the new South East Oxfordshire GP Federation (SEOX). It was an opportunity for SELF to explain how they might be able to play a bigger role in helping to develop SEOX. GP Federations have been launched in each of the six localities in Oxfordshire with the aim of improving primary care services.

John Reid said: ‘We were pleased with the outcome of the meeting. Mark outlined how the Federation had been set up which involves all ten GP practices in the locality, each with a lead GP.

‘We explained how we could use our links with patient groups in the South East to help provide support and advice to SEOX. This might include patient involvement with a possible opportunity to attend GP Federation meetings in an observer role. We both look forward to working more closely together to help further improve patient care in the locality. ‘

In June, SELF submitted a response to the Townlands Hospital consultation, which was organised by OCCG to gather views from the public and patients on its proposed service changes at the new hospital. SELF members wanted more detail on the proposed ambulatory model, and whether there will be sufficient infrastructure and resources, particularly within social care to deliver a successful service. SELF also highlighted the need for beds and suggested the hospital could include both an emergency multidisciplinary unit and a community hospital.

SELF brings together patient representatives from GP practices across the locality to give people and patients a bigger say in how local health services are delivered. You can get involved and find out more information on the South East Locality and SELF on the OCCG website here

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Information About the Locality
There are 10 GP practices in the Locality with a population of 89,984. The locality Clinical Director is Dr Andrew Burnett who is supported by Dr Amar Latif.


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