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Locality – North Oxfordshire – July 2015

Steering Group Members share views on pilot project and patient leaflets

In June the Locality’s Patient and Public Forum Steering Group were updated on how patient care is being improved across North Oxfordshire as part of the Prime Minister’s Challenge Fund pilot projects in Oxfordshire.

The project, now underway in the North, is an ‘Early Visiting and Home Support Team’ who help people at risk of being admitted to hospital receive prompt and effective same day care so they can get better at home. 

The teams will be made up of emergency care practitioners (ECPs) operating out of GP practices. The ECPs will have access electronically to the medical records of the patients they are visiting, to help give them the best possible healthcare.

Members of the Steering Group were also asked to share their views on new leaflets which are being developed to help describe the new service. These leaflets will be distributed to patients and their carers receiving the service to explain how the support teams work.

Anita Higham the Chair of the North Locality Forum said: ‘We’re pleased with the progress being made to introduce the early visiting and home support teams. They will link up with other health services delivering a good level of support to patients. It was helpful to share the draft leaflets with patients first. Once in use, the leaflets will help to explain how this new service will operate in our area.’

The Steering Group also discussed the effectiveness a reshaped adult mental health service will have in the locality. In addition, the Steering Group will look at the proposed changes to intermediate care commissioned by Oxfordshire County Council within 14 beds at the Henry Cornish Care Centre in Chipping Norton and the impact, if any, on patient care.

For more information contact Fergus Campbell, Locality Co-ordinator email:


Information about the Locality

There are 13 GP practices in the Locality with 105,963 registered patients. The locality Clinical Director is Dr Paul Park, who is supported by Dr Shelley Hayles.

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