Papers for September 2014

 AGENDA 25th september OCCG Governing Body
 Paper 14.74 Draft Minutes 31st July OCCG Governing Body
Paper 14.75 Outcomes Based Contracting (OBC) – Outcome of Most Capable Provider Assessment for Mental Health
Paper 14.76 Corporate Governance Report
Paper 14.77 Chief Executive’s Report or 25th September
Paper 14.78 Locality Clinical Director Reports for 25th September
Paper 14.79 Finance Report – Month 5 (August) 2014-15
Paper 14.80 Quality and Performance Report
Paper 14.81 OCCG Assurance Framework Executive Summary (in order of severity) 08 September 2014
          Paper 14.81 Assurance Framework and Red Operational Risks
          Paper 14.81 Operational Risk Register (Red) Executive Summary (in order of severity)16 September 2014
Paper 14.82 Appendix 1- Equality Impact Analysis Non-Emergency Patient Transport Service (NEPTS)
Eligibility Criteria Consultation
          Paper 14.82 Appendix 2 NEPTS Public Consultation Report
          Paper 14.82 Appendix 3 Key findings from stakeholder meetings
          Paper 14.82 Appendix 4 Feedback from written responses
          Paper 14.82 Appendix 5 Analysis of responses to consultation questions 1 – 7
          Paper 14.82 Appendix 6 Meeting the NHS England Four Tests for Service Change
          Paper 14.82 Appendix 7 Glossary
          Paper 14.82 Non-emergency Patient Transport Eligibility Consultation 2014
Paper 14.83 Sub-Committee Minutes
Paper 14.84 Oxford University Hospitals Trust Board Minutes 9th July 2014
Paper 14.85 Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust Board Minutes 25th June 2014
Paper 14.86 Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee Minutes 3rd July 2014
Paper 14.87 Health and Wellbeing Board Minutes 17th July
Paper 14.88 Older People’s Joint Management Group Minutes 24th July
2014.09.25 Governing Body Minutes APPROVED
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