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Transforming Health in Oxfordshire

‘Our ambition is to transform the Oxfordshire health and social care system to improve the health of the population, reduce inequalities, and deliver services that are high quality, cost effective and sustainable whilst reducing bureaucracy where there is no benefit to patients/users’.


OCCG, along with Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust (OHFT), Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust, South Central Ambulance NHS Foundation Trust (SCAS), the Oxfordshire GP federations and Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) has set up a Transformation Board to drive forward the transformation of the health and social care system in Oxfordshire. More specifically to bring together in one place all the projects, which will deliver significant change in the health and care system and provide a place for an in-depth discussion about new models of payment in the NHS; new model of provision (as detailed in the five year forward view) and system enablers (e.g. workforce, IT, assets).

Our challenge is to ensure the highest quality care for all patients within the finite resources available. As a whole health and social care system we need to improve the quality and value for money of health services provided in Oxfordshire in a way that will keep the system in financial balance. This will involve redesigning the wide range of health care services currently provided throughout Oxfordshire. Financial challenges facing the NHS and social services mean that collectively we need to find savings in the region of £176m by 2020/21 within the Oxfordshire health system. With the growth in demand due to an aging population and raising expectations regarding access and quality amongst the public we need respond by developing and using emerging models of care.

The transformation programme will lead to services being delivered in new ways with increased emphasis on prevention, self-care, bringing more care into the community and further integration of health and social care. The project will span several years and will include an engagement phase to explain what we are planning and seek feedback. At the same time we will be reviewing current services and developing new models of care where appropriate with the aim of consulting on these options in the autumn of 2016.

Transformation discussion document Spring 2016 – download for further information and background.

Through its workstreams the programme is looking at a number of areas where quality and service pressures need to be addressed to develop a sustainable and affordable system for the future:

  • Community inpatient services (health)
  • Community intermediate care bed services (LA)
  • Acute inpatient beds
  • The Horton General Hospital–urgent and emergency care, intensive care, obstetrics and paediatrics
  • Maternity, obstetrics and paediatrics services – in line with national and Strategic Clinical Network capacity reviews
  • Mental health inpatient services
  • New models of care and services in localities including outpatients, diagnostics, Multi-Speciality Community Providers, changes in primary care, changes in social care
  • Stroke Services – in response to the Sentinel National Stroke Audit Project (SSNAP), where Oxfordshire is performing below the quality expected particularly in the north of the county. The Thames Valley Cardiovascular Clinical Network has endorsed the adoption of a new service model for stroke care, which will entail changes to services within Oxfordshire. The revisions in the stroke pathway aim to improve the quality of care being delivered.

From June to October 2016 patients and the public are being involved in the development of proposals to transform the way health and care are delivered in the county. This period of engagement will inform our thinking and help us to develop our plans and ideas for the way services might be best provided in the future. We want to hear people’s views to as part of an on-going process that will lead to public consultation later in the year on proposals for how some services may be configured in the future.

The Health & Care Transformation stakeholder event held on 6 June signalled the start of this public conversation. It aimed to gather views on possible ways we can use resources to develop sustainable, high quality and affordable care both now and in the future.

The presentation and engagement report can be downloaded below:

Over the coming months, local people will be invited to a series of meetings and drop-in events across the county to find out more about the challenges and choices facing local health and social care providers. Public feedback and insight will be used to inform and shape plans. A decision on formal public consultation will be made later this year.

For further information please email or call 01865 334638.


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