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Townlands Hospital


In 2012, Oxfordshire Primary Care Trust (PCT) approved the business case for the new Townlands Hospital. In 2013, the planning and responsibility for commissioning services was transferred to the Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group (OCCG) as part of the NHS reforms.
The model of services in the 2012 business case was based on the type of service provision that fitted with the way health care was organised and delivered at that time.
Since then many things have changed – not least that nationally and locally we aim to work as a health and social care system and that we are working together to transform services to deliver more care in local communities which helps to avoid admission to acute hospitals, except where necessary, keeping the time in hospital as short as possible.
A public consultation on proposals for future services at Townlands Hospital in Henley was held over five weeks between 12 May and 15 June 2015. The purpose of the public consultation was to gather feedback on a proposed future model of care to be delivered from Townlands Hospital, described as ambulatory care.

Following the consultation, CCG’s Governing Body met in public on Thursday 30 July, and was presented with a paper proposing three options for the future development of Townlands Hospital. The Governing Body approved Option 3: To endorse the clinical model proposed and to note the consultation responses, but to recognise that further work is required to give the Governing Body full assurance in a number areas raised as part of the consultation; for example the transition plans, availability of qualified staff and clinical engagement, and to take the opportunity for further engagement with stakeholders in developing the responses to these issues, in order that the Governing Body can take a decision. The Governing Body will receive this further information at its meeting on 24 September 2015.

The CCG continues to work with John Howell, MP and the Henley Townlands Steering Group to address the issues and concerns raised through consultation.

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